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Just imagine if you had nowhere to stay tonight, what would you do?
What if you had no one to call, no place to go?

The Haymarket Foundation has provided accommodation and healthcare to the cities most disadvantaged for the last 40 years. Each and everyday we provide shelter and support for those who have none.

A small donation can make a big difference. your donation will help us to provide:

  • Medical care
  • Crisis accommodation
  • Psychological help
  • A pathway out of homelessness

Your tax deductible gift will help provide for those who
desperately need help.

$50 will provide meals for 1 week for one of the residents of our crisis service.
$100 provides 1 weeks accommodation for a resident of our crisis service.
$500 provides intensive case management to for 1 week for a person with HIV.
$1,650 keeps the Haymarket Clinic doors open for 1 day.

Follow the link to Pay Pal:

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or send your cheque or money order to:

The Haymarket Foundation, 
165b Palmer Street, 
Darlinghurst 2010.

Take a look at a short clip about how The Haymarket Foundation supports those most in need!